Little Taekwon (ages 4-5)

The Little Taekwon Program is specifically designed for those aged 4-5, and for a good reason. At that age, a child may or may not be able to maintain the focus necessary to keep up with the content of the Children Program classes. After an evaluation form one of our instructors, we may recommend that a child might benefit from the smaller class size and specific instruction that the Little Taekwon Program offers.
Little Taekwon students benefit from a curriculum designed to improve memory, balance and coordination. These children begin to learn discipline, focus, and respect while having fun and burning off some of their stocks of extra energy. The instruction may take the form of games, and the games will challenge them both mentally and physically, and all the while our Little Taekwon students are learning basic Tae Kwon Do techniques.

Family Discount – Additional savings are gained with each family member who signs up!
*Two Little TAEKWON Introductory & Evaluation Lessons
We would like to invite you and your family to try out exciting martial arts program.
Call for Appointment (301)977-8668 or fill out our online information request form.

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