MUDO USA, Authentic Taekwondo Academy Providing High Quality Martial Arts Instruction in Montgomery County since 1999.  MUDO USA Authentic TaeKwondo Academy is the premiere martial arts school in Gaithersburg and Germantown Maryland. Our martial arts programs not only focus on the physical techniques but on the mental aspects as well. The goals and intention of our instruction is to help our students develop their highest potential in a “Quest To Be The Best!” Our children martial arts programs will help channel your kids energy in a productive manner! Our martial arts programs are proven to increase our children students confidence, discipline, motor coordination – while having fun at the same time!      Our adult martial arts programs are a great way to relieve stress, get and stay in shape and learn valuable self defense skills at the same time. Our programs blend a great physical workout with practical real-life self defense techniques and are ideal for both men and woman. Authentic Taekwondo Academy is recognized and certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) and International Hap Ki Do Federation (IHF). The WTF is the largest Tae Kwon Do organization in the world and their standards have been recognized and adopted for Olympic competition by the International Olympic Committee. parental locks Nepal .  The IHF is recognized worldwide as the most prestigious organization for the study of Hap Ki Do. The IHF is headquartered in South Korea and its purpose is to advance and disseminate techniques through its member schools.   Authentic Taekwondo Academy offers a wide variety of age specific programs to its members. Our instructors are hand-chosen not only for their martial arts skills, but also for their ability to communicate their knowledge to others. The on-going training of our instructors allows all of our students to train in a supportive and positive atmosphere. Family Discount – Additional savings are gained with each family member who signs up!  We would like to invite you and your family to try out exciting TaeKwonDo program.                                   Call for Trial Lesson (301)977-8668 or Email           

Why Authentic TaeKwonDo Academy  The traditions of Martial Arts transcend beyond the physical to integrate martial arts as a way of life.  Authentic Taekwondo Academy‘s emphasize the exemplary spirit of character that exceeds beyond physical technique.  We are dedicated to the cultivation and development of those exceptional qualities of character in all our students, young and old. We apply our knowledge and abilities in our instruction and teach at the level of the students. 

Call for Trial Lesson (301)977-8668 or Email


Authentic Taekwondo Academy focusing three areas to improve all the members.     1)Physical Training: Coordination,  Balance, Athletic,  Flexibility, Build major muscle groups(arms, legs, stomach), Self-defense                                                                               2)Mental Training: Build Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Self-control, Challenge, Self-Esteem.         3)Philosophical Training: Learning way of ancient Korean Martial Arts (Respect)

Our Mission

Authentic Taekwondo Academy is dedicated to promoting health, strength and longevity. We as a team, strive for the following:
•    To listen to and understand the wants and needs of our students.
•    To continually educate and train ourselves and update our skills in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.
•    To educate and train our students and families so that they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health.
•    To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of person success and freedom.                                                                                                                    Call for Trial Lesson (301)977-8668 or Email

Traditional Martial Arts, Korean Martial Arts, Olympic TaeKwonDo, HapKiDo, Self-Defense, Fitness, Weight loss, Flexibility, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Control,

MUDO USA Authentic taekwondo Academy, Simply the Best!

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